The Hard Truth Podcast helps middle-aged professionals grappling with personal dissatisfaction, seeking to redefine their life’s purpose. If you feel stuck in life and have a desire to rekindle connections and find lost passions this show will help you take control of your Mindset, Health, Relationships, and Finances to prevent a life of discontentment.

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Transforming Your Body and Mind

Discuss the interconnectedness of physical fitness and mental well-being, sharing personal transformation stories and expert advice on achieving balance.

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Episode 005- Servant Leadership Putting Others First

In today’s episode, we discuss servant leadership, comparing it to traditional power focused approaches...

Episode 004- Feeding Your Future

In today’s episode of “The Hard Truth Podcast,” we’re focusing on a fundamental aspect of health and wellness...

Episode 003- One Chance

Tune into today's episode of 'The Hard Truth Podcast' where Jeremy Fouts discusses how to seize life's opportunities...

Episode 002- Transforming Your Body & Mind

In today’s episode of “The Hard Truth Podcast,” we’re diving deep into the topic of Transforming Your Body & Mind...

Episode 001- My Story

Join Jeremy Fouts in the inaugural episode of 'The Hard Truth Podcast' as he shares his personal journey from childhood to becoming the CEO...