Like Jeremy Fouts says, Keep On Goin
I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it a little late to be talking about New Year’s resolutions? Actually, it’s not too late at all – in fact, studies show that despite making resolutions at the beginning of the year, about week-3 is where you start to lose steam. You shot out of the blocks, but now you have a mental block, or maybe just a lazy streak, but either way Netflix is looking way more appealing than a quick trip to the gym. Just know you are not alone! We (well most of us) are feeling the same way, but this is what separates you from the quitters. If you stop now it is all for not. But if you keep putting one foot in front of the other eventually you are back on your path an setting a good rhythm for your summer bod! Reseting your goals right now will give you a great chance at sticking to them. So if you’re looking for some motivation and quick tips to help you achieve your 2022 goals, read on!
  1. Keep track of progress
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  3. Buy yourself new workout clothes or shoes so you have an incentive to get back into the gym. This is one of the very best tips! It totally works – I’m serious! If it boosts your confidence, go for it! But actually don’t feel it’s necessary.
  4. Remind yourself why
  5. Get a friend to keep you accountable and vice versa! Although #4 is good too, this is better if your friends are the ones who caused the detour in your workout schedule in the first place (Just kidding!).  
But remember we all get it you’re at the gym, or out for a run, and you don’t feel like it. You’re tired, your muscles are sore, and you just don’t have the energy to put in the work. So you quit. This is where we want you to take a break. As Jeremy Fouts would say, “You would never quit for anyone else, so don’t quit on yourself.” Give yourself grace, take a minute, catch your breath, straighten out your mind and keep moving. You’ve got this! You have an army of people who believe in you and everyday you put in a little effort is a day you are closer to your goal. You’ve got this!
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