Jeremy Fouts’ Thoughts on staying positive with regards to your fitness goals.

If there is one thing that Coach Jeremy Fouts has taught us, it is the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. One of Jeremy’s main trainings has always been that success is always accompanied by being surrounded by positive people that support you and believe in you.

This is why we love to keep the CorVive wellness community filled with purpose and positivity. Whether you’re having a good day or you are hitting a wall, we have assembled an army of positive CorVive family to help you along your journey. One of our favorite ways to stay connected to CorVive’s “wellness community” is through our Facebook “CorVive Transformation League” group. It is easy to find in your Facebook search bar and easy to join. Here you will find all the reassurance you need to understand that we are doing all we can to love, serve and care for our community of like minded individuals.

Stop in and offer support. Maybe you have an amazing, inspiring quote or perhaps you have just had a breakthrough with a CorVive product experience—even better maybe you have a CorVive recipe–we want to hear all about it You can find inspiration and motivation from the Facebook page. We all have those days when we need a little support. When the going gets tough, it’s so satisfying to know that there are people out there just waiting for your call and ready with an ear eager to listen whether you want them too or not! At CorVive our mission is simple: To create wellness programs which enhance your personal growth journey by providing knowledge in nutrition & diet along side some exciting NEW initiatives coming down pipeline will make this year one heckuva ride guys!! Let me tell ya – I’m excited as can be!!! So don’t forget what matters most because Jeremy Fouts has us committed 100% towards helping YOU succeed.

Here are three quick tricks that Jeremy Fouts likes to incorporate when he starts a wellness program.
– Always surround yourself with positive people who lift your spirits and make you feel the best!
– Search out for fitness tips that might be new. Try things that are different and can reinvigorate your regimen.
– Stay consistent with product. This is the easiest way to ensure your success.

So join us and be part of the CorVive wellness community. We will support you in any way we can while you work toward achieving your wellness goals

Staying Positive