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Jeremy Fouts is the Founder and CEO of CorVive.

CorVive Product Routine

Jeremy Fouts here, dropping you a blog that is a little different than ones that I have done in the past. This week I wanted to talk a little bit about products by giving you a quick overview of how to incorporate our simple product line into your daily lives.
First things first, our simple 3 step system to start the day builds the foundation that everyone loves. The way I make this easy for me, is to keep 8 ounces of water by my bed in the morning along with: 1 Stick of Hydrate, 2 capsules each of Cor Bolic and Cor Renew. This makes it easy for me when I am ready to rise and shine, allowing me to get this hydration into my system right away. It does a couple of things; one, when waking from a decent night’s sleep your body is ready to get rid of toxins so this helps to get things moving. Additionally, you have gone a few hours without H2O so adding the HYDRATE into your water really replenishes your electrolytes, which can help alleviate everything from muscle cramps to headaches. The Cor Renew assists your body with proper gut health support and of course Cor Bolic helps get your metabolism running for the day and starts you off correctly.
Next, I start my morning routine and within about twenty minutes I’m ready for something more substantial, this is where I grab Cor Power. The beautiful thing about Cor Power is that it is delicious and ready to go, just as it is. Shake it over ice and water for the simplest version or dress it up as much as you would like in your morning smoothie. I typically land somewhere in the middle, adding some almond milk, ice and a quick mix in the blender.
NRG + Focus, this product is an all-star; I use it multiple times a day. But many people like to add this into the mix early afternoon, when folks often hit that afternoon slump. It’s amazing the clarity that NRG + Focus creates and the physical charge is unmatched. If you’re into keto dieting and are pushing your physical activity, XLR8 is a good one to pair up with NRG + Focus whenever you’re getting ready to burn some calories. Find the right mix that works for you.
Just a quick shout out to Cor Immune. This is one of the most powerful products CorVive produces. It seems these days there is never a time that we can let our guard down, especially when it comes to our immune system. We worked hard to pack this product with everything you need to fortify your immune system year round.
And finally (and possibly another of my favorites) RECOVR CBD+CBG Stick Balm; this amazing salve comes in a sport stick that allows you to freely apply the formula directly to your largest organ, your skin. Its soothing formula is felt almost immediately and its liposomal technology goes straight to where you need it most. We often hear from individuals who use this product on tension headaches by applying to their temples or the nape of their neck. This RECOVR stick goes to work immediately on achy joints and muscles, just with a quick massage of the sport stick. You have to experience the relief that this amazing formula creates, to believe it.
Jeremy Fouts — ‘I use the CBD + CBG RECOVR stick everyday after my work out, especially when I am doing two-a-days. It is unmatched by anything I’ve tried before.”
All of CorVive‘s products are my favorite, but the one I can’t go without is NRG + Focus. It is a powerful all-star that can be used in multiple ways to help you reach your health goals. I often kickstart my morning with it and then again after lunch, to fight the afternoon slump. This may not be a fit for everyone but I love it. My latest favorite is to mix a little Hydrate Strawberry Kiwi with a stick of NRG + Focus Lemon…what a treat! Give it a try. I have been really training and pushing my body to the max and this one, two combo drink really keeps my spirits lifted and I like it! It will make sure that you are powering through whatever energy levels you need to finish your day strong.
Product Routine
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Healthy Gut

We could devote a series of blogs to the importance of gut health. Why? Because it is that important. Almost every function of your body on some level deals with healthy gut conditions. It is why your diet is so important and why supplementation is so important, but for the sake of conversation today let’s dive into how the immune system is largely based around the gut; therefore having a healthy immune system also means having a properly functioning gut health environment.
Your gut is directly linked to your blood transportation system, so for the most part what you are putting in your body on a cellular level is being distributed throughout your body at a cellular level. The barrier between your gut and blood stream are intricately connected, which means the good stuff also gets circulated with the bad stuff. When functioning properly your gut eliminates things like bad bacteria and viruses. Your body is a modern miracle that even after thousands of years and advancements is not completely understood, but each breakthrough brings us closer to helping the body function on all cylinders and one thing is for certain, our diet can greatly affect our bodies ability to fortify itself against harmful properties.
UCLA is one of the leading experts in the study of gut health, in fact in their most recent study they revealed that at least 70% of immune system function happens at the gut level and nutrition is the key modulator of immune function. This is why CorVive’s supplementation is very simple and the first step of our system starts with CorRenew, which is ingeniously blended to reinforce the gut to function at its most effective level. Additionally, Cor Bolic is also essential in assisting the gut to properly regulate metabolic production naturally. And of course, Cor Power is the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals complemented by the cleanest whey protein available. This whey protein is essential to vitalize all of the guts function, which in turn helps the immune system to fight off everything from the common cold and allergies to daily oxidative stress caused by aging.
We always want CorVive to be a place you can come and discover all of the products that have been developed to help you stay in the best shape of your life. The product line was developed to be simple intentionally. Healthy supplementation shouldn’t be so complicated that you get lost trying to find what is best for you. We have worked hard to make sure we are always delivering the most effective products on the market.
Researched Fact: Your gut is a modern miracle that even after thousands of years and advancements, it’s not completely understood. The brain-gut connection has been directly linked to health problems through all body functions even the nervous system. Because your body relies on nerves in order for you feel well remotely—which means anything can affect them from what we eat all the way down to how much stress we experience each day!
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Corporate Events

Jeremy Fouts is an event pioneer-host who has been hosting events for many years. One of his goals in life, he says, was to make as many personal connections with people at these joyous occasions and other functions that often mean more than big stage performances or glamorous social gatherings do. Jeremy’s advice about maturing teams: “There will come a time when we’ll have teams doing their own thing on larger stages but it doesn’t always happen right away, so don’t stop being yourself just because there are some changes ahead.”
Jeremy Fouts – Maturing Teams
There will come a time when we will have teams that have to do their own things at events, elements will be less intimate and we will be compelled to do things on a larger stage. However, it will always be my goal to make as many personal connections as I can. The best times are always between the flashes; in the product store; behind the scenes; passing on the elevator. This is when I truly love to get a vibe for who you are as a person and celebrate you in those smaller moments that often mean more. And the biggest reason for hosting these events on a regular basis is to make sure we stay connected, we stay grounded, we stay CorVive.
Leaders are cultivated and created at events, whether you joined CorVive today or last year. Events are where you sharpen your tool set, learn from others and experience the true meaning of elevating your success to the next level.
I challenge each of you to not just be at the event, but to also bring a guest…either way we would love to see you. The best way for you to grow is to see the light in the eyes of a new person who is catching the feels and realizing everything they have been taught begins to coalesce at the event. This IGNITES them. It lets them see beyond the everyday happenings to realize that they have joined an amazing company at the perfect time. A ground floor opportunity with upside like nothing I have ever been a part of. CorVive’s anniversary is in May and I can’t believe how time has flown…but I also can’t believe how much ground we have covered in this short amount of time. On every turn we have decided to not take shortcuts because what is best for the CorVive family always comes first.
Jeremy Fouts — Serve others by helping them attend events.
So as we come into this next month, realize there is much to celebrate. We are shaking off some difficult things as a nation, it finally seems like we are breaking through a storm cloud and are finally seeing rays of sunlight. I want you to all do yourself a favor and plan on being at the next event. We have worked tirelessly for the last six months to solidify your future. While many companies have come and gone in the short time that CorVive has been around, we have done just the opposite, we have met challenges directly and have not backed down.
This is what I will pass on to you as you continue to develop on your CorVive journey. Don’t back down! Join us in May so we can share with you the myriad of developments that are only going to streamline your business, create some new talking points, but most importantly we are ready to knock your socks off with some new amazing surprises that we can barely contain.
Join us as we fill you in on all we have been developing over the last year and let us fill you with the joy of being in the right place at the right time. May 7, 2022 should be on your calendar, blocked out, and ready to head to the next level…and you should plan to help as many folks as possible experience the service we are ready to share with them, one that will catapult them right to the next rank they deserve.
Cheers! See you in May.
Cor Power
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CorVive’s Cor Power

I have always been a believer in the power of clean nutrition and one of my favorite ways to do this is with a clean, grass fed, whey protein. Mostly because it’s simple and effective. After much iteration we at CorVive landed on an incredible formula available in two delicious flavors. So many times we become crippled by having so many options when we go out the door and end up making poor nutrition choices. This is why Cor Power is so effective. It is delicious just when simply shaken and served over some ice or dressed up as much as you’d like in a smoothie.
Jeremy Fouts – “I will usually start my morning with Cor Power, but if I am really in a training mode I will drink 2-3 Cor Power smoothies per day to ensure I am fueling my muscles.”
At the end of the day it is the power of the whey protein that makes this amazing product so special. It naturally provides you with a foundation to tone muscles while curbing your appetite and getting your metabolism on track. Grass-fed whey protein has everything good about a protein supplement, while eliminating the bad. Things like…you’ll get more omega-3 fatty acids (great for improving heart health and reducing inflammation), more vitamin D (great for boosting your mood), double the beta carotene (great for firming up your immune system) and an extra dose of conjugated linoleic acid, or “CLA” (great for aiding in weight loss), according to research. Whey is what is considered a complete protein. Other proteins often aren’t absorbed properly or can have adverse reactions.
That is a lot of scientific knowledge that Candice is good at, but I like to brush up every now and then so I can stay educated when I’m in meetings with our formulations team. I also love the fact that a good protein supplement is something that is life long. As we age our bodies tend to need the protein boost to maintain healthy muscle density that naturally decreases as the years go by. The best part is that we are always looking to refine, improve and offer you the best there is. We never rest when it comes with wanting to bring the best to market with products. Stay tuned for some of the most exciting advancements on that front as we look to our Ignite event!
Jeremy Fouts -“As someone who is always looking for an edge in my workout routine, I was really excited to try out this grass-fed whey protein powder. I have to say, I was not disappointed! The power of the whey protein was immediately apparent, as I was able to build toned muscles, while reducing my appetite and getting my metabolism on track.”
Cor Power
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New Business Platform

Jeremy Fouts – Launching a World-class Business Platform that is Light Years Ahead of the Competition
Having built a solid foundation and creating an incredible customer base and a well-respected endorser society, CorVive is ready to ratchet up yet again the necessary tools to create massive momentum. This time it comes in the form of a software update that will take CorVive to the next level as far as function and form are concern.
CorVive has launched a software platform that will enhance every corner of the CorVive opportunity.
This new platform is robust and intuitive, allowing it to make it easier for distributors to do business with CorVive, and it will also give them access to valuable marketing resources. And that is just scratching the surface. We searched far and wide to find a provider that not only gave us the proper tools needed to run a fully functional online business, but also a company that aligns with the values of CorVive…putting our endorsers and customers first above everything else. It just so happens CorVive is in the middle of its third year of business and this evolution of providing endorsers and customers with a software platform that is second to none continues to illustrate the commitment that CorVive maintains toward its amazing CorVive family.
Jeremy Fouts “I always new that I would do whatever it takes to ensure that our CorVive family had the best tools at their fingertips to help them grow. This is something I will never waiver from.”
There may be occasional maintenance, but we expect things to sail very smoothly as we create a very user-friendly interface for you to support your business building efforts. The horsepower behind this new software system is unmatched. We will continue to put CorVive’s endorsers and customers first in everything we do.
The last couple of years have not been easy on the American spirit, but as expected we are coming into a new season with our best foot forward. CorVive is launching into the Spring of 2022, with a very bright future.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop a note to, or chat in on the website. We love serving you. CorVive is truly hitting stride right now and I encourage you to join us at our upcoming Ignite event to hear the announcements of even more amazing things coming your way. You are in the right place at the right time.
Business Platform
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Taking Control

Jeremy Fouts – “I often give advice about moving with urgency, but let me also admonish those who feel like life is spinning out of control…sometimes you have to slow down and get things in order before you roll full steam ahead.”
We are all guilty of it and in this modern day it’s almost impossible to avoid—we move too fast. Sometimes we are moving so fast we end up doing circles and repeating things a few times that only need be done once. With our current lifestyle we constantly feel like we are missing out on something if we are not involved with everything, which means cramming more and more unnecessary undertakings that leads to a tailspin.
For those of us who are currently experiencing this unrelenting feeling of rushing until life is no fun—slow down.
There is a beauty in slowing down. And I don’t mean to the extreme of clearing your calendar and filling your downtime with mindless activities like games on your phone; rather I mean slow down enough to examine your life in order to prioritize it. This delicate task requires discipline, but I encourage everyone to take a minute to be introspective and see if you’re just rushing through life touching the goalpost just long enough to barely remember success happened. If you take a minute to evaluate what you are constantly running to, this time of reflection can really help you set your compass. By resetting, it ensures that all of your activities are aligning so that you actually hit your marks in life that truly matter rather than just giving it a touch and go.
When you slow down in order to speed up, you’re able to reset, renew, and refine your goals. It allows you to make sure you are on the right path and participating in the correct activities leading you down a road you not only enjoy, but that you are successful in navigating. If you feel like your head is spinning daily and you are always out of time, it’s a good indicator to take a breath and slow your roll…if only for a short while to see that your life isn’t just passing you by, but you are an active participant in your life.
Let’s face it; we are all guilty of it. I remember times in my life where I was doing so many things to put food on the table that I didn’t sit down to eat at the table. The daily activity was a grind, but I did get to the point where I slowed down just enough to organize my priorities and redirect my energies.
This might be something you do annually or monthly. Believe me, my mind is always on the go so keeping up with my thoughts is a mighty task, but even that takes discipline to make sure you are instilling the right thoughts into the mastery of your life. You are capable of so many things and I encourage you to push hard for your ‘why’ but don’t spin your life out of control chasing dead ends. We are all guilty of it, but we all have the opportunity of tomorrow, so take a breath, check in with our loved ones and ourselves to make sure we are going down the right path. If you will practice this from time to time when you begin to feel overwhelmed it will serve you well.
Jeremy Fouts – “If you’re feeling like your life is spinning out of control, take a step back and think about what’s really important. You need to slow down before things get too hectic so that everything can go smoothly in the future. Just going warp speed without hitting the Jake Brake from time to time can often lead to catastrophe for your physical and mental wellbeing!”
Taking Control
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90 Day

Jeremy Fouts “Everyone who participates in the CTL is a winner in my book.”
Congratulations for coming this far with the CTL, as you have made it past day 60! Each and every time we do this I am always incredibly impressed with how amazingly resilient and committed the participants are. This CTL has flown by us so quickly, but the best is still ahead.
The last thirty days of the CTL are the best! This is when you are in a rhythm and are seeing the fruits of your labor. This is also the best time for you to share the CTL with those you love and care about. When you recruit a walk on during the last segment it allows them to feel the excitement in a visceral way. They see how you and all of the other participants have shaped their lives in a positive direction and so many people are looking for that right now.
Jeremy Fouts “Now is the perfect time to share the CTL. Most people by now have given up on their new year’s resolutions, which means they’ve given up on themselves. This is an ideal time for you to put wind back in their sail and show them what CorVive and the CTL has done for you.”
Stick with it. Finish out the segment of this amazing 90 day CTL strong. Keep in mind we have an incredible award for those grand prize winners, not to mention all of the things that have been given out along the way. I personally am committed to becoming the best version of myself (more on that in a later post), and I am ecstatic to share with you some of the things I am learning along the way as we all grow together. Go get ‘em!
Jeremy Fouts is the founder of CorVive and his passion for helping others put the CorVive Transformation League on the map. He along with the CorVive team and leadership have been committed to serving people from the beginning. Jeremy’s passion is helping others achieve success in all areas of their lives. You can find him on Facebook @jeremyfouts and Instagram @jeremyfoutsleadership.
CTL Challenge
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Women’s History Month

This month, we would like to take the time to specifically recognize and thank the powerful women who have helped shape our company/lives/dreams and drive it forward. We would not be where we are today without their leadership and guidance. 
Jeremy Fouts – “I really want a big thank you to go out to all the mothers/women out there who have worked tirelessly to help their children succeed. You are the backbone of this world and we appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for your love, support, and wisdom.”
If you’re reading this there is one common truth revealed that may not seem obvious, but is irrefutable…you have a mother (a woman). They brought you into this world and in most cases; made sure you were fed, clothed, loved, and generally cared for. Mothers are the unsung heroes of this domain. In fact they often make this world go around, they gave us confidence to leave the nest and explore the beautiful creation, they encouraged us to work hard to achieve our dreams; in fact again if you’re reading this it is most likely because a mother sat you down at night and helped you learn letters, that led to an enquiring mind, that allowed you to arrive where you are today. If you can’t tell I have an extraordinary respect for women/mothers. My own mother, the mother of my children, the mothers that raise up leaders, our entire lives are shaped by this one unconditional-loving being. We may not have always been good to them but they were always good to us.
Jeremy Fouts – “There are many leadership roles that women play in society, from mothers to powerful professionals. However, these roles often go unrecognized and under appreciated. At CorVive, we would not be where we are today without the powerful women who have shaped our company and our world. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for all that they have done.”
CorVive would not be what it is today without the powerful women who shape this world that we live in, whether it be a mother, a powerful single professional woman, a dignified female believer who is in constant service; no matter the classification of woman you find yourself in or the multiple hats you wear, you are what drives the CorVive message forward. The cornerstone mission statement of includes the clause “love, serve, and care.” Those three words sum up how women impact the world and the human experience. We would be nowhere without the women that shape this little blue marble whirling through this vast existence.
Jeremy Fouts —“I have so much to be grateful for, but if it weren’t for the love of my wife Candice…I don’t know where I’d be.”
When I really sit back and realize the successes of my life I am humbled by the fact that frankly they wouldn’t have been possible without the support of women (my wife). All women deserve to be celebrated and that is why we are diving all in during the month of March to celebrate the better half of humanity—women.
The CorVive team has worked tirelessly to come up with some really great promos, marketing materials and surprises that you are going to love as we celebrate the women in our lives. We have worked on leadership materials, we have gathered women experts from the far corners of the CorVive world all to send a message to everyone that we can gain vast knowledge by respecting and participating in a woman’s world.
Women's History Month
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The Harvest

“It’s not about success or what you do, it’s how it makes you feel. That’s success.” – Jeremy Fouts

People want success, but sometimes success may seem out of reach because you don’t know where to start. Jeremy Fouts advises that ” You must start by finding yourself.” You have to take time for yourself and discover who you are before going ahead with anything else, which includes success. Once you have found yourself a great season will follow suit. “Life isn’t meant to be lived alone, it calls for community.” – Jeremy Fouts has a success formula that you should look into if you want to start today on paving your path to success.

A simple way to break down success is how it relates to the harvest.

Growing in all Seasons of your Life

Growing up a farmer you learn the importance of seasons and how they affect your day to day life. In the spring you plan, in the summer you nurture and grow. In the fall you harvest and in the winter you reflect, refine and prepare to do it again. This is the magic equation that has worked for producers for years. Some years are lean, other years are overflowing with blessings of abundance…and so it goes with farming, so it goes with life.

Jeremy Fouts on why seasons are important

For everything there is a season. As it relates to the CorVive seasons, it follows very similar the path of the farmer. You have time to prepare, plant and sow, grow and weed, and finally harvest. We may all start at different points in our journey, but if we commit to staying true to our harvest, it will come.

So many times in my life I have thought, maybe I’ll just skip the weeding during the summer because that’s the hard part, but deep down I also know that is when my harvest is growing at its max. And so often it is easy to get down on ourselves when our harvest isn’t what we planned, but if we don’t experience the lows of life it becomes very hard to appreciate the highs.

Many of you might be familiar with the person who seems to be in a continual successful harvest, and they are just as grumpy as the person that has struggled to put in the sweat and tears of every season. Even the most successful person must experience the low to enjoy the high. Please never forget if you stick to your personal plan of development you will experience the high of fulfilling your dream and it will be worth every seed you have sown, every soul you have touched, every person you have served, and every individual you have loved.

So cut yourself some slack as you go through the seasons, stay true to the lessons and the reward will come. Keep your chin up and surround yourself with people who will help you keep your chin up on the days that it is hard to do it alone. Positivity pays off.

Check out to see how our season is ready to harvest.

Jeremy Fouts has a success formula that you should look into if you want to start today on paving your path to success. Jeremy started from humble beginnings, he was born to a known family farm in Oklahoma. This is where he developed his work ethic, which would soon catapult him into success. He believes growing up with hard working parents helped him become who he is today. If you are trying to change your life for the better this might be a blog post worth checking out .

Success of the Harvest
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Your First 7 Days

Jeremy Fouts – “One of the most difficult things is to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do so badly. But if you stop yourself, eventually your urge will fade and you’ll be glad you waited.”

 Reset Rewards –2022—Winning

For those of you that are experiencing the rapid pace of 2022 you might be wondering where January went and realize that February is moving! Here at CorVive we have some amazing things for you to add into your regimen.

Jeremy Fouts advice for setting up a successful transformation.

There is magic in resetting your body’s operating system; from mental clarity to better physical wellbeing there are a number of benefits to zeroing in on your goals for a physical sprint. CorVive’s 7 Day Reset system has unlimited benefits for you and your crew. Prepare to experience the easiest; cleanest and most beneficial kick start out there. This reset has been time tested and balanced to incorporate the CorVive products in a systematic wellness routine that turbochargers your transformation journey.

Jeremy Fouts explains formulation magic

As I have always said we set out to provide world-class health products that are formulated by the best with the best. We never launch anything until it has done rounds of testing and the formula is at perfection. With solid nutritional supplements covered I am committing to strengthen the mental muscle. Mood is everything. If you have a positive mindset you can go forward and conquer things that may have initially been a struggle. Part of what you will notice with the reset is a stronger mental fortitude. When you have completed your 7 days you will feel the power to forge ahead with even more dedication.

So go ahead and head over to to check out the 7 Day Reset. It is a simple to follow program with a kit that has all you need to set you up for amazing results. Keep winning in 2022 with the CorVive 7 Day Reset system.

“Motivation is fleeting and it’s not always around when you need it. So we have set you up with everything you might need when the going gets tough”.

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