This month, we would like to take the time to specifically recognize and thank the powerful women who have helped shape our company/lives/dreams and drive it forward. We would not be where we are today without their leadership and guidance. 
Jeremy Fouts – “I really want a big thank you to go out to all the mothers/women out there who have worked tirelessly to help their children succeed. You are the backbone of this world and we appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for your love, support, and wisdom.”
If you’re reading this there is one common truth revealed that may not seem obvious, but is irrefutable…you have a mother (a woman). They brought you into this world and in most cases; made sure you were fed, clothed, loved, and generally cared for. Mothers are the unsung heroes of this domain. In fact they often make this world go around, they gave us confidence to leave the nest and explore the beautiful creation, they encouraged us to work hard to achieve our dreams; in fact again if you’re reading this it is most likely because a mother sat you down at night and helped you learn letters, that led to an enquiring mind, that allowed you to arrive where you are today. If you can’t tell I have an extraordinary respect for women/mothers. My own mother, the mother of my children, the mothers that raise up leaders, our entire lives are shaped by this one unconditional-loving being. We may not have always been good to them but they were always good to us.
Jeremy Fouts – “There are many leadership roles that women play in society, from mothers to powerful professionals. However, these roles often go unrecognized and under appreciated. At CorVive, we would not be where we are today without the powerful women who have shaped our company and our world. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for all that they have done.”
CorVive would not be what it is today without the powerful women who shape this world that we live in, whether it be a mother, a powerful single professional woman, a dignified female believer who is in constant service; no matter the classification of woman you find yourself in or the multiple hats you wear, you are what drives the CorVive message forward. The cornerstone mission statement of includes the clause “love, serve, and care.” Those three words sum up how women impact the world and the human experience. We would be nowhere without the women that shape this little blue marble whirling through this vast existence.
Jeremy Fouts —“I have so much to be grateful for, but if it weren’t for the love of my wife Candice…I don’t know where I’d be.”
When I really sit back and realize the successes of my life I am humbled by the fact that frankly they wouldn’t have been possible without the support of women (my wife). All women deserve to be celebrated and that is why we are diving all in during the month of March to celebrate the better half of humanity—women.
The CorVive team has worked tirelessly to come up with some really great promos, marketing materials and surprises that you are going to love as we celebrate the women in our lives. We have worked on leadership materials, we have gathered women experts from the far corners of the CorVive world all to send a message to everyone that we can gain vast knowledge by respecting and participating in a woman’s world.
Women's History Month