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In this inspiring episode of The Hard Truth Podcast, we dive into the transformative journey of seizing your moment and unlocking the full spectrum of your potential. We explore the common barriers that often hinder personal growth and offer actionable strategies to overcome them. Learn how to elevate your performance across all areas of life by embracing the value of hard work, the necessity of immediate action, and the power of reshaping your narrative.

We’ll dissect the mindset shifts required to move from passive observer to active participant in your own life story. Discover the keys to cultivating persistence, maintaining an optimistic outlook, and adopting a fearless attitude towards new challenges. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career, enhance your personal relationships, or simply live more fully, this episode provides the essential tools and motivation needed to transform your aspirations into achievements.

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Welcome to The Hard Truth Podcast.

This is Jeremy Fouts, and today I’m excited to be giving you some information that will help you take life to a whole new level.

I’m gonna share with you 10 points that’s going to help you, hopefully, go from where you are today to major transformation in all areas of your life.

Thank you Well, today’s topic, It’s Your Time.

This is something I’m really excited about.

You know, I’ve been in the personal development and the training sales force, you know, this arena for over 25 years.

And, you know, I’ve worked with so many different people that every time I meet them, they’ll say, you know, I’m gonna start later, or, you know, I’m getting things together after this event in my life, or, you know, after this or that, whether they’re talking about their physical fitness, the way they’re going to ramp up the amount of income that they earn, whatever the situation, they always just say, you know, I’m waiting for this or I’m waiting for that.

And guys, I’m gonna tell you right now, if you’re waiting for all the stars to line up before you go give life 100%, it’s never going to happen.

So today, I’m gonna share with you 10 points that I think is gonna help you hopefully get out of that rut, get excited about what you have from an opportunity standpoint and take your life to a whole nother level.

So it’s your time.

Today is your time to say, I’m tired of messing around.

I’m gonna give life 100%.

I’m gonna stop giving it at about 50% or 80% one day, and then 30% two days in a row.

Today is the day I’m going to go to the next level.

So number one, determine what it is that’s keeping you from greatness.

Now, a lot of times there’s just not one or two things.

Sometimes there’s three or four things.

But if you really evaluated your life, what are some of the things that’s keeping you from greatness?

Is it a spouse?

Is it friendships that’s holding you down?

Is it alcohol?

Is it bad diet?

Is it what is holding you down from greatness?

Identify those things.

You know, ask yourself, what are some of the things in my life that I’m looking forward to daily that I know is doing no good for me as far as achieving greatness?

Determine what those things are and figure out how to get rid of them.

And maybe if it is a spouse situation, I’m not saying get rid of her or him.

I’m saying you gotta sit down together and saying, you know what?

I wanna go here in life, but you’re comfortable being here.

You know, figure out a plan for you both to be able to say, we need to go here together.

Here’s some of the things that I’m gonna change about me.

Here’s some of the things that I’m gonna do on a daily basis to get better.

I wanna do this as a team.

Identify some things you need to do as a team in order to go to the next level.

Because if you are going to go to the next level, but you have one, two, three, four, five different things that’s gonna be an obstacle for you, you will not be able to go to the next level.

Number two is focus on elevating your game.

I’ve counseled, I’ve spoke, I’ve spent personal time with clients, and every one of them that I talk to on a daily basis, they will make the comment that, you know what, if this person would fix this, if this person would fix that, if my boss would do this, if this would happen or whatever.

Guys, you gotta control what you can control.

You know, focus on elevating your game, you know, your personal fitness, your diet plan, your personal development, all the things, if you focus on you, I guarantee you, you’re gonna see positive attractions coming into your life on a daily basis, relationships that you thought wasn’t good enough to have are gonna be attracted to you.

All these different things are gonna come to you when you focus on your situation and what you need to do to elevate your game.

Number three is start today.

One of the most common traits that unsuccessful people have is it’s always tomorrow.

You know, over and over, I mentioned this a little bit at the beginning, have watched people say, well, after the new years, I’m gonna start new years.

Or you know, I don’t wanna start right now because I’ve got a wedding, I’ve got this, I’ve got that.

Or you know, maybe they’ll say, I’m gonna start Monday and today is Thursday.

And then they get through the weekend and then they have something happening on Monday.

We might be talking about the personal fitness.

We might be talking about them ramping up their finances, whatever, but they always put it off.

And then tomorrow leads into another tomorrow, which leads into another week, which is another month, which is another year.

And I’ve got people that won’t say their name, but I could call them up right now.

And I could say, hey man, how’s things going?

Well, Jeremy, I’m not where I need to be, but you know, I’m gonna start next week, or I’m gonna start the next day, or I’m going to start.

If you keep putting off tomorrows when you’re going to change, here’s what’s gonna happen.

Instead of choosing delayed gratification.

So in choosing that I’m gonna go to work today, I am saying I am going to get a reward later on.

That’s what delayed gratification is.

Instead of me eating the sugar that I want tonight, I’m going to push that off or I could take that shirt off at the end of the summer and be happy with it.

Instead of me going and doing my hobbies, I’m gonna focus on starting a new business and that way I’m gonna have the reward later on.

But what happens is, instead of choosing delayed gratification, they are just delaying that pain that they’re gonna endure and it will keep on going.

They’re gonna keep on having that pain of yes, I can’t take off my shirt because I don’t look like I need to look.

Yes, I’m gonna tell my wife we can’t go on this vacation because we’re not where we need to be.

Yes, I’m not gonna be able to be that dad I wanna be or that husband I wanna be because you know what?

I didn’t start today.

I keep saying I’m waiting for tomorrow.

I keep saying I’m gonna wait for the next week.

I keep waiting for the next month.

I keep waiting for that New Year’s resolution to begin.

Start today.

Number four, luck isn’t going to happen.

30 days won’t change your life.

You have to sacrifice for a year, then another year, and then another year, and it’s a lot of work.

You know, I guarantee you, every one of you, no matter where you are in life right now, I know some of you listening on businesses, you’re very successful people, you know, but ask yourself, are you really just giving it about 60, 70% on a daily basis?

And you’re hoping that this one big deal might come in.

You’re hoping that this one person might contact you, and you’re hoping that in 30 days, you’ll be a little bit better than where you are right now.

Guys, it don’t happen like that.

You have to say, I am committed for this next year to follow all these daily disciplines.

And then I’m gonna track everything on a 90 day basis.

Then I’m gonna get to that end of the year.

I’m gonna take a deep breath and say, I’m gonna go do it again.

And then I’m gonna go do it again.

You have to understand, luck isn’t just going to happen.

This is a lot of work in order for you to become the person you want to become.

And it takes daily grind and daily grind again and daily grind again in order to achieve greatness.

Number five is how bad do you want this?

I get so many people when I speak at big events, they’d come up to me and they’d say, man, you really got me excited.

And I’m gonna go do this, and I’m gonna go do this, and I’m gonna go do this.

And I’d always ask them, I’d say, how bad do you want this?

And they would look at me like with this blank look and like, I don’t know.

You know, there was a story that I’m sure all of you have heard, but it was about an older gentleman that was very successful, had a lot of income, and this younger guy in his 20s said, can you please teach me what it takes in order to be very successful financially?

I have a desire to be a multimillionaire, and I’ll do anything you tell me to do.

He said, yes, meet me down at the ocean tomorrow morning, and I’ll teach you.

And tomorrow morning at daylight, the young man was down there, the older gentleman walked up, and he said, let’s walk out into the water a little bit.

So they walked out to about knee deep, and he said, let’s walk out a little bit more, and they walk out to about waist deep, and then they get to chest deep, and then they get a little bit past the shoulders, and the older gentleman just held that 20-year-old down in the water, and the 20-year-old is struggling to breathe, and he’s trying to get up, and finally he got up, and the young man looked at the older guy and said, what are you doing, are you trying to kill me?

He said, do you want success bad enough as you wanted to breathe?

See, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make it to the major leagues as a young man, or NFL, or if you’re trying to make it up the corporate level, or if you’re trying to be one of the top in your college class.

They are looking for a guarantee before they start.

And here’s the one thing I will guarantee you.

If you don’t go for it, then you’re gonna have the same horrible, unfulfilled life, and you’re gonna have that miserable feeling in your stomach of asking yourself the question, what if?

What if I would have decided that I was gonna figure out my macros and I was going to hit my workouts daily?

How would I look right now to my wife, to my children?

How would I look when I take off my shirt in the mirror?

How would that build my confidence to be the best at what I’m doing daily?

How would it transform and give me opportunities in my position that I would not have had?

But you do not wanna ask yourself five years from now, 10 years from now, what if I would have took that podcast as The Hard Truth and said, I’m going to start today, today is my time?

Number seven, start writing a new story.

Quit worrying about the past, why you’re not maybe the smartest someone else, or maybe you’re not as healthy as someone else, or all of those different, I watch so many people and talk to them on a daily basis that continue to remind me of their past and all the different things that’s happened to them and all the things that telling me why they can’t succeed in life.

And I’m telling you, in order for you to get to that next level, you have got to quit looking for evidence of why you can’t succeed and turn that around and say, I can succeed at no matter what it takes because I want it as bad as I want it to breathe.

You are in control of writing a new story.

You have a chance every day to write a new 10 pages in your book, 10 more pages in the next one.

The end of the month, you’ve got a chapter.

You’ve got another chapter at the end of the month.

Quit thinking about the past.

Quit looking for evidence of why you can’t succeed and say, I’m writing a new story starting today.

This is the new direction and the destination.

Number eight is most people won’t understand you when you are trying to accomplish greatness and be okay with that.

You know, I have had so many different people.

I had at one point over 200,000 in my organization, and I would look at graphs of different people that did really well, and then all of a sudden, they just started going the opposite direction.

And I spent a lot of time developing these leaders, and one of them, you know, I was visiting with one day, and they said, well, what happened here is someone that was a friend of mine basically told me that I’ve changed so much.

They don’t think this business is good for me.

And I started dwelling on that.

And I told them, I said, no, the problem was you developed so much and was achieving greatness at such a fast pace that they didn’t want to change.

They wanted their old buddy back.

They wanted that comfort of knowing that you was going to be that same person over and over.

You know, I could tell you so many stories like that.

Not everyone is going to want you to succeed.

You have got to be OK with that and say, it’s greater for me to become the person that I want to be.

And that’s the main thing that I’m focusing on.

I’m not worrying about what the others want me to do.

I’m not worried.

I have one life to live, and I’m starting today.

Number nine is what if you were not afraid of anything?

I watch fear cripple so many people.

You know, they let fear of failure, they let fear of what other people think, all these things.

But ask yourself right now, if you had no fear of anything, what could you accomplish?

You could probably be the baddest sucker on the planet.

You could be the most ripped, the most fit, the most well-spoken.

You could go succeed at anything you want to succeed at.

Quit being afraid of anything.

Face that challenge, look courage in the eye, and say, I will and I can.

Number 10, be optimistic and do it until you have success and continue to try new things until you have success.

There was a 22-year-old study, and it studied the most successful people.

And it basically was phenomenal because this study come to the realization that these people that was extremely successful, they had two things in common.

Number one, they had unrealistic expectations.

I mean, you think about this.

Today, you might be working at a bank and say, one day I want to be the bank president, and then one day I want to own my own bank, and then one day I want to open up another bank.

You know what?

That might seem unrealistic to some people, but I’m telling you, that can happen.

That you can achieve if you get in the right mindset.

But the successful people, nothing is unrealistic for them.

The second quality that all of them had is they said, I will do it until I succeed, and no matter how many times I have to try something new, I’ll try it again, I’ll try it again, but there’s no quit in me.

Guys, that’s what it’s all about.

It’s about today, you saying, you know what?

Jeremy is right.

He is telling me the truth in the fact of it’s my time now.

I have not given life 100%.

Now, the reason I’m so strong on this message is I was 32-year-old before I started putting to practice these 10 points.

And I get so angry a lot of times at myself thinking, you know what?

I’ve had a great life.

I’ve achieved millions of dollars.

I’ve been able to help a lot of people.

But what more could I have accomplished if I would have applied at 22 that I didn’t start applying until I was 32?

That’s a 10-year gap, a 10-year window.

And today, I don’t care if you’re 32.

I don’t care if you’re 42.

I don’t care if you’re 52.

It’s your time, and today is the day to get started.

Thank you guys for joining The Hard Truth Podcast.

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We are passionate and pouring a lot of income into this podcast for free for you to benefit.

Thank you.

Till the next episode of The Hard Truth Podcast.