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Unlock the full potential of your mid-life journey with Jeremy Fouts as your guide. Dive deep into the realms of Mindset, Health, Relationships, and Finances to rediscover your passions and redefine your purpose.

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Every moment of the day we get to determine our mindset. Deciding whether we have a positive or negative attitude will immediately influence your world.

Jeremy Fouts

About The Hard Truth Podcast

Hosted by Jeremy Fouts, “The Hard Truth Podcast” is a beacon for those navigating the rough waters of mid-life dissatisfaction. Jeremy, a staunch advocate for transformative personal development, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to each episode, engaging listeners with compelling stories, expert insights, and actionable advice.

Latest Episode

Transforming Your Body and Mind

Discuss the interconnectedness of physical fitness and mental well-being, sharing personal transformation stories and expert advice on achieving balance.


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Recent Episodes

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Learn how to identify and change self-inflicted problems, organize your life, and stick to your goals regardless of your emotions...

Episode 14- The Outdoors & Life Lessons

Join us as we delve into how these outdoor activities can help shape well-rounded and resilient individuals...

Episode 13- Protein

Learn how to spread protein intake throughout the day for optimal muscle synthesis and blood sugar control...

Episode 12- Sleep for Young Athletes

In today's episode, we discuss the critical importance of sleep for young athletes, featuring insights from Dr. Mita Shing...

Episode 11- Hard Truth Podcast: 3 Day Water Fast

In today's episode, we delve into the transformative effects of a 3-day water fast on both the body and the mind...

Episode 10- Understanding Glucose Effects with Chad Leister

In this episode, we explore the effects of glucose on the body with special guest Chad. We'll discuss how glucose impacts overall health...

Hear From Our Listeners

"Jeremy Fouts delivers exactly what the title promises—The Hard Truth. Every episode offers a no-nonsense look at life's biggest challenges. It’s been a game-changer for redefining my mid-life journey. Highly recommend for anyone looking to truly transform."
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John Hill
"Jeremy Fouts is the real deal. His approach to personal development and fitness is both inspiring and practical. 'The Hard Truth Podcast' has motivated me to take serious action towards improving my life in meaningful ways."
James Dean
"I stumbled upon 'The Hard Truth Podcast' at just the right time. Jeremy’s insights on health and relationships have given me a new perspective on how to approach my 40s with vigor and purpose. It's empowering and utterly refreshing!"
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Hillary Rice
"Each episode of 'The Hard Truth Podcast' is like a masterclass in life. Jeremy doesn’t shy away from the tough topics—he tackles them head-on with expertise and empathy. It’s become a weekly must-listen for me."
Rodrigo Alonso
"This podcast has been a wake-up call. Jeremy’s tough, direct style cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of what matters. If you’re feeling stuck or lost, this is the push you need."
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Julia Michelle
"Listening to 'The Hard Truth Podcast' has been a revelation. Jeremy Fouts doesn't just talk about change; he shows you how to achieve it. His focus on service to others and building strong relationships has inspired me to rethink how I live my life. It's more than just a podcast—it's a life changer."
Mila Jackson

Meet Your Host

Jeremy Fouts is an expert in Personal Development who is passionate about making an impact in the lives of others. He has worked with a multitude of professionals worldwide. Hailing from prestigious organizations, professional and collegiate athletes.

He played a pivotal role in enhancing their performance and fostering excellence, both on and off the field. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a minor in Finance from Oklahoma State University, Jeremy Fouts brings a strong educational foundation to his expertise. With 17 years of professional experience, he has made a significant impact within influential organizations, earning wide regard from aspiring entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and business leaders alike.


Jeremy Fouts