Jeremy Fouts Corvive – Our Story Video Transcription

It all starts for me (Jeremy Fouts) in my upbringing. I grew up on a row crop farm in Eastern Oklahoma and had unbelievable, great Christian parents. They instilled some very important values into me. But the two most important values which were taught to me at a young age, and have helped me into my adulthood in having a lot of success is number one – work ethic. I (Jeremy Fouts) watched so many people in society want the reward, yet they’re not willing to pay the price. The other value they instilled in me was the understanding that the most important thing in life is treating other people right. That’s something I’ll never forget learning at a young age. A lot of my successes has been about doing unto others as I would want them to do unto me.

jeremy fouts corvive founder and ceoIn society, we all the time look at people from the perspective of what they can do for me, instead of what can I do for others. I (Jeremy Fouts) watched those two values get ingrained in me at a young age and I’ve watched how things have happened. My story is, I got a degree at Oklahoma State University and started farming myself. Then, I was introduced to direct sales in my twenties, and it truly just blew my mind.

I’ve always had a love for nutrition, health, and wellness. I recognized the fact that this is a company in which the only way you have success, is by helping others. My wife and I joined that company and were a part of it for five years. We had some great success, but more importantly, we learned. We learned about personal development and that what we needed to do to improve, was to improve ourselves. Then, we also learned and began to understand leadership and how to mentor others.

We (Jeremy Fouts and Candice Fouts) thought we’d be with that company forever. However, the company made some changes, so we chose a different path. We actually ended up in Dallas, Texas, owning a construction company which had great success for a lot of years. But when the economy crashed in 2008 and 2009, we had a year and a half old son and another son on the way. Knowing we had to do something, we found a nutritional direct sales company that was about a year and a half old and said, “You know what? We are going to take an opportunity here and work extremely hard, and basically put our family in a situation over the next five to six years where, financially, we don’t have to worry.”

We were able to do just that in our time with that company. We ended up being the top producers, and my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to mentor a lot of powerful families and change thousands and thousands of peoples’ lives.

With that company, we also thought we’d be a part of it forever, but some things change. Some circumstances that we cannot control were given to us and we chose to retire. My desire was to always own a ranch. My wife and I both come from an agriculture background and I wanted my boys to learn how to work hard, and we love hunting and fishing. So, we were fortunate enough to buy our dream ranch in Western Colorado where we operated a cattle business. I was able to have some phenomenal times with my wife and two kids. However, we recognized in 2018 that true happiness is not in what we’ve accomplished. True happiness is not going to come from me (Jeremy Fouts) having that ranch or being able to have the materialistic things, but true happiness was going to come from me helping a lot of other people get to where I was at in life.

And that’s when the story of Jeremy Fouts and CorVive was born. A lot of people have asked me, “Why did you not just join a company, instead of starting one?” and it’s easy for me to answer that question. It’s because there’s a lot of good companies out there, but there’s honestly not a company that I (Jeremy Fouts) would truly say was built from the ground up with every person in mind. We also wanted to put together a product-focused company, a customer-driven company, and a company that has a very aggressive on the compensation plan. A company that is strong when it comes to educating people about personal development and leadership. We wanted to give people a fun transformation program so if they’re only looking for the health side, they can always compete and have fun and be able to have the success they’re looking for.

To sum it all up, we wanted to take all of our experiences and build a company, which would end up being CorVive, from the ground up with the right people. Most importantly though, we wanted to do it the right way. We pride ourselves, not only on this, but also the principles that we stand on here at CorVive. The number one, principle is love. So many people in today’s society are truly looking to be a part of a community where they feel loved. We enjoy watching peoples’ lives transform. CorVive is bigger than just the financial opportunity that we offer. For CorVive, it’s more than just about what we do, financially. It’s about what CorVive can do in transforming other peoples’ lives. It’s serving others, which is very important for Candice and I.

People have asked me, “How did Jeremy Fouts make the millions in the company you were with? And what were some of the things that were very important for Jeremy Fouts to be able to have a large amount of success?” And I (Jeremy Fouts) would always tell them, “Yes, absolutely hard work, but one of the most important things, other than that is having a servant heart.” Truly taking people and not thinking about what that person can do for you, but what you can do for them. So many people are looking for someone that will care about them enough to reach down and grab them and help them through life. At CorVive it’s all about caring for others and providing a community where everyone is welcome – regardless of how their story reads in the past. It’s about CorVive bringing them in and not judging where they are, but giving them a future they will be happy with, which is something I’m so excited about. It’s about us at CorVive creating a community that is very product-focused, customer-driven, which will give our customers and our endorsers the opportunity to be able to achieve the success that they want to achieve. This is why we did everything the way we did it from the word go when creating CorVive.

We also put together the ACH13VE product line. CorVive wanted to give everyone the best products in the marketplace. There are no controversial ingredients and no artificial sweeteners. CorVive gives people products that are highly impactful, taste great, and products that they would want to share with their friends and family. We wanted CorVive to be something people are proud to be a part of. My wife and I traveled that journey. We built CorVive from the ground up. We put on the events and we’ve given opportunities to our people that weren’t given to us.

This should give you great confidence today if you’re evaluating the company CorVive and wanting to know what sets CorVive apart from other companies. There are so many things. The power of the CorVive product, the compensation plan, but more importantly, two owners (Jeremy and Candice Fouts) who are working together with a phenomenal corporate team that’s been where you are and understand your side, as well as the corporate side. I’m excited for you today. To have the opportunity to evaluate CorVive at two years old, and to recognize there is a window of opportunity here that you are being given. Someone is giving you an invitation to evaluate CorVive, and I hope today it starts with self. I hope you being self-evaluating and finding where there’s a need in your life – whether it be health, whether it be financial, or whether it be just wanting to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

So today, I hope you love the message you’re hearing. This is not a message of trying to impress someone. This is not a message of trying to say that we are better than others. CorVive is a company that is coming to you with full humility and a heart that’s open saying, “You know what? Here’s where we are. But more importantly, here’s where we are going.” We give you an invitation to CorVive so you can start the process of change within your life, so we can go impact others’ lives.