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In today’s episode of “The Hard Truth Podcast,” we’re diving deep into the topic of Transforming Your Body & Mind. Think of it as assembling a complex puzzle, where you start with the four corners to frame the big picture. These corners represent the essential aspects of transformation: physical health, mental resilience, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Throughout our discussion, we’ll explore practical strategies and share personal insights to help you align these critical areas. By fitting these pieces together, you can create a cohesive and comprehensive approach to personal development, setting a solid foundation for lasting change and fulfillment in your life. Join us as we break down each component, understanding how they interconnect and influence each other in the journey toward a healthier, more balanced self.

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Welcome to The Hard Truth Podcast.

My name is Jeremy Fouts.

In today’s episode, I’m gonna be talking about transforming the mind and body.

The way that I look at this is kind of like putting together a puzzle.

You have to start with the four corners.

If you don’t start with the four corners, everything is just gonna be looking like a lot of colors, and you don’t know where to go.

A lot of people know this.

When you’re putting together a puzzle, you can’t start with the center.

You’re gonna have to start with the four corners.

And that is your mindset, how to train your nutrition and your recovery.

Starting off with the mindset, this is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

A lot of people will call me and they’ll say, you know, I really wanna understand macros, and we’re gonna discuss those today.

I really wanna know what your workout plan is.

I really wanna know how you recover.

And I always start them off with saying, let’s talk about your mindset.

Mindset is what’s going to control all of those other pieces.

That is the most important piece to the puzzle that we have to discuss starting off before we can get into any other subject.

So let’s talk about mindset.

The first thing that I do is I work, when I’m working with someone of helping transform their mind and their body, is I’ll talk to them about attacking the demons that are holding you back.

Yes, most every person that I’ve worked with in 25 years of nutrition experience, most people have a couple of demons that is keeping them from accomplishing what they want to accomplish in these other important pieces.

So what are they?

Number one, I have found usually it’s sugar.

And when I say sugar, I’m not talking about just going to the cabinet and grabbing sugar.

I’m talking about the sugars that come from carbs, all the processed sugars that we consume.

It definitely is a big demon that a lot of people never ever take control of.

The other one is alcohol.

You know, I’m not going to be judgmental today and to get into how many times you can or can’t drink or anything like that.

But usually these are the two biggest demons that most people let take control of their life.

And it starts with you looking at what’s controlling your life.

It may not be sugar and alcohol.

I don’t know, but from my experience, usually these two things is what affects the mindset and takes grip of someone to keep them from their day-to-day activities and accomplishing what it is that they want to accomplish.

Next, you need to understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

Most people, when they start in a routine, they’re like, hey, raise my hand.

I want to be able to look better.

I want to perform better.

I want all of these things.

I’ll bring them back to say, what are you trying to accomplish?

Are you looking just to have a physically fit body to look good at the beach?

Are you looking for all of the, just the external things that look good on the outside?

And if that’s the case, I tell them, no.

What we’re going to do is start talking about longevity and how your performance can increase based on how you feel.

We’re going to talk about what are we trying to accomplish internal most importantly than talking about the external.

Write down the goals that you’re looking to accomplish and you have to decide that.

Next thing is that’s very important from a mindset is association.

You have to remove the scorpions in your life.

You say, well, I don’t understand the scorpions.

One of my favorite stories that I heard a long time ago was about a simple frog and scorpion trying to get across the river.

And this scorpion said to this frog, frog, you can swim, I can’t.

Can you please give me a ride across the river?

And the frog looked at this scorpion and said, you are crazy.

There’s no way possible I’m going to entertain that thought because you’re a scorpion.

You’re supposed to bite people.

And if you bite me halfway across this river, not only am I going to drown, but you’re going to drown.

The scorpion looked at the frog and said, why would I do that?

If you drown, I drown.

I’m not going to bite you.

I just want to get across the river.

So of course the frog fell for it.

He jumped on the scorpion’s back, or the scorpion jumped on the frog’s back, excuse me.

They’re swimming halfway across the river.

And guess what the scorpion did?

He bit the frog on the back.

And the third time that the frog was coming up for air, the last time he knew he couldn’t do it no more, he looked back at the scorpion.

He said, why in the world did you bite me?

He said, I’m a scorpion.

That is what I’m meant to do.

And you say, why is this important?

Because I’ve worked with so many people trying to transform their mind and their body.

And they have the wrong association of people with them.

And hurt people, they hurt people.

And if you have a friend named Sally that weighs about 350 and she’s wanting to go to happy hour all the time, or you’ve got a buddy named Johnny that would rather be drinking beer and watching football all weekend, you’ve got to at a point remove them out of your life or very limit access to them for you to start transforming your mind and your body.

Next thing is remove the negative.

When I’m working with someone, before I get started, I just say, what are all the negative things in your life?

You know, are you watching Fox News 24 7?

Are you a social media junkie?

And that’s all you’re doing is consuming things from social media.

Do we have negative people in our life from our association I just got through talking about?

But your mindset has to be clean and pure because you’re not going to be able to focus on the other three pieces of the puzzle unless you remove all of the negative in your life.

Also, the most important thing is feed the mind, develop personal development.

All of us have heard the biography documentary about a gentleman, I think it was about 10, 15 years ago, that he went and ate McDonald’s every day for like 50 days.

And I don’t remember all the stats.

That’s not the reason for this, but I think he gained like 30, 40 pounds.

So all of us are intelligent enough to know that if we go to McDonald’s every day and we eat junk, then guess what?

We’re going to look like junk.

The mindset is so powerful.

If you conquer the mind, you can conquer the world.

So in order to be able to conquer the mind, we have to put good things in the mind.

My favorite thing to do when I’m working out, I listen to only personal development books, personal development podcasts, whatever.

I’m feeding the mind constantly.

You cannot feed the mind junk food and social media things that’s not good for you, and expect a positive mindset.

Next is educate and practice.

You know, this journey, if you really want to transform your mind and your body to be the best in your relationships, to earn more income at your job, to start your own business, to be the best parent you can be, to be the best individual you have to be, this is an ongoing course.

I see so many people middle age, and they think, man, I make good enough money, I’m just going to chill, I’m not going to put together these pieces of the puzzle, and I promise you, they’re miserable, they’re most of the time out of shape, they’re not the person that they’ve got and intended them to be.

You have to continue to educate and practice.

Now, this is a little tip that I put on here on Mindset that’s always been good with me, and that is a water fast, of resetting the mind and the taste buds.

Now, I don’t know where you are physically, if you need to consult with the doctor, but every 90 days, I do a 3-day water only fast.

And you say, you know, is this good for you?

Yes, I’m not going to get into all the details of how it will help increase your HGH, how it will help reset all the different things in your body.

You can research that yourself.

But the reason I put this portion in the part about mindset is because it starts off teaching you, if you can have the discipline to do 3 days water only, it lets you know how many times you grab food, not because you’re hungry, but because it’s out of habit.

It resets the taste buds of letting you know, I don’t need those different sugars, I don’t need those carbs, I don’t need all those things.

And for me, it’s just a good practice every 90 days of resetting the mind.

Now we’re going to talk about train.

So guys, the mindset.

Conquer the mind, you can conquer the world.

Understand, if there’s 4 pieces, in order for us to accomplish this puzzle, this is the number 1 thing and that is the mindset.

Number 2 is learn how to train like an athlete.

You know, when you say the word exercise, people say, you know, I exercise.

Well, that’s great.

What do you do?

I go do the treadmill for 15 minutes and then I lift some weights.

Well, what kind of weights are you doing?

Are you doing chest this day and triceps and lats?

And then are you doing legs this day and back this day?

They have no plan.

They do not train like an athlete.

And you say, Jeremy, I’m mid 40s.

You know, why do I need to train like an athlete?

Because you need to have a desire to be an athlete.

You need to have a desire to be the best example for yourself, for your kids, for your wife.

You need to be the best at your company.

You need to train like an athlete.

You know, one of the biggest things that people say when I start talking about this as well, they say, Jeremy, how long do you train?

I train an hour and a half every day.

And they say, well, I don’t have time.

Well, that’s BS.

Everyone has time.

And when people say they don’t have time, you can go and pull up the stats of how much time people spend in watching TV.

You can pull up the stats of how much time people spend on social media.

We are a big procrastinators here in the United States, and we spend very little time of things that are very productive, and the majority of our time is spent on junk.

You have to understand that you train like an athlete.

It’s not about motion.

It’s about intense action.

When I leave the gym, I’m huffing and puffing.

I’m completely exhausted, and it’s all about…

Most people just put motion, and they create an exercise, and they think, you know what?

That’s going to get me where I want to get to.

No, it’s not.

You’re not going to accomplish what you want to accomplish from a physical fitness standpoint.

Do good for the cardiovascular.

All the important things that you need to do unless you learn how to train like an athlete.

Read the stories of Kobe Bryant.

Read the stories, and you say, I’m a soccer mom.

I’m not an athlete.

Yes, you are an athlete.

You can train like an athlete.

You can set you a goal in something I’ve always loved to do and still do to this day.

Find you a half marathon.

Get you a course online.

Start training for that course.

Find you a bodybuilding competition.

Find you something every 90 days to 6 months and learn how to train like an athlete.

You know, I personally use the CoreViv app for my training sessions.

We have all the different workouts for you.

I have a workout that goes to my phone, goes to my watch.

I hit start.

It tells me exactly what I need to do.

I’ve already got it planned in.

My workouts, what day is…

I’m doing leg day.

What day I’m doing back day.

What day I’m doing chest day.

Everything, all I do is watch my phone.

I put in the weights that I accomplished, and it keeps track of everything.

Whatever it is, have a planned action and train like an athlete.

One of the notes that I put here is be a stat, and this is for me to get you to understand the importance of training like an athlete.

Be a stat, not watch the stat makers.

You say, what do you mean?

I was watching the draft this past weekend or had it on.

I didn’t really sit down and watch it.

I always like turning the TV on when I’m cooking dinner for the boys, different things like that.

And it was amazing to know that there was over 250,000 people in Detroit, Michigan, dressed up, decked out in their mascots for their teams, that they were there to represent.

And the amount of money and time, and I love athletics, don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with this, but I want you to hear this train of thought here.

What I’m trying to explain to you is I watch so many people, they’ll spend thousands of dollars going to a pro baseball game, pro football game, pro basketball game, travel halfway across the country, they’ll spend hours sitting in front of their TV, watching a sporting event.

Now I love sports, don’t get me wrong, but why are they doing that?

Because they are feeding the internal based on not their performance, but by watching someone else perform at a high level.

So you need to have the desire to train like an athlete, to be a stat, not just watch stat makers.

Here’s a couple of stats for you that will be easy for you to make a measurement for yourself and go try to accomplish them.

0.075% of the male population can bench press 225 pounds.

Now I don’t know the whole audience here, but I can tell you, I could take anybody listening here and within 6 months, we could get you lifting 225 pounds.

You say, well Jeremy, why is that important?

Because strength is what helps with longevity.

Strength is what we need to be as a man.

We don’t need to be somebody looking at us as a man, and we have Dorito chips in our belly button, and we have flabby fat and boobs and all of those different things.

We need to have that desire in order to be different, to be the way God made us, to be strong in case we need to do something, to be strong for longevity, which is what helps us in our later years to be able to not fall and break our hip and all those different things.

But I’m telling you this stat because I want you today to conquer the mind and get the mind right, and then I want you to understand the importance of training like an athlete.

Here’s another stat.

0.05% has completed a marathon.

You know, why not you say today, listen to this podcast saying, you know what, Jeremy is right.

I am too lethargic.

I have no plan.

I don’t have the right mindset.

I don’t have the right association of people around me.

I’m not being the example for my kids.

That’s one of the things that drives me the most nuts for being a nutrition for this long and physical fitness.

And I have two boys that are athletes, 16 and 14.

I push them like crazy.

I have dads on a weekly basis call me up and say, man, I wish my kids would train like you and like your kids.

I wish my kids would go do this more, but they’re just playing video games.

And I look at them literally, and I want to laugh, not in a mean way, but I want to say your problem is not your kids, your problem is you, because you are way overweight, you’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but you want your kids to go train like an athlete, but you’re not willing to train like an athlete.

Get the mind right, train like an athlete.

Next is nutrition.

I’ll read this to you.

In just 365 days, your whole body rebuilds by itself into something better or even worse, depending on how adequately you treat it, and that virtually every cell of your body eventually dies and is replaced by new cells from which the food you eat.

Now, who controls in 365 days if you’re going to be better or worse?

You do.

And I see people over and over, they want to pull the victim card and say, well, but I travel a lot.

Well, drink a protein shake, and don’t go to happy hour with your friends or coworkers.

You know what?

Choose to grab a protein source and eat two times more protein than the carbs in the sweets.

They’ll pull all of these different excuses, and then every year goes by, and they’re a little bit worse because of the choices that they’ve made.

You have the choice to determine that today, here’s where I’m at.

I’ve got to understand and own responsibility where I’m at today, but one year from now, I’m going to be in a totally different area.

Your body will do it if you’ll give it the resource.

So the biggest things that I focus on in nutrition is I focus on my macros, which is your macros is your proteins, your fats, and your carbs.

So many people put all of the attention on just the calories.

It’s not just about the calories, it’s about the nutrients.

So it’s all about feeding your body the good nutrients.

So what I’m talking about is a good macro nutrients is going to help you start losing weight.

It’s going to help you start building muscle.

But you can’t just focus on the calories.

A hundred calories of potato chips is not the same as getting a hundred calories of avocado or beef jerky, grass-fed or whatever that situation may be.

But you have got to understand the importance of macros.

Now, I might do a whole different podcast just on macros.

I don’t have the time to spend an hour on training your mind or training like an athlete.

I don’t have an hour today to spend on mindset alone.

I don’t have an hour today to spend about recovery or your macros.

So I’m going to speed through this pretty quick.

But educate yourself of the importance of your macros.

Protein is the key for us to rebuild our muscles, our skeleton function, our joints, our general body effectiveness.

Protein is the building block.

So how much protein do you need?

I like having one gram per body weight.

That’s something that when I’m trying to build muscle, I’ll do a little bit more than that, 1.5.

But every person, my kids, I try to get at least one grams of protein per body weight.

And that is the building block in order for you to be able to start seeing results in the gym and your performance.

You get enough protein in you.

I promise you, you’re not going to be craving the bad stuff.

Next is the carbs.

Get the right carbs in you, not just carbs.

You know, I love choosing carbs that has fiber in them, like sweet potatoes, your fruit.

Carbs is the fuel source.

Now, that doesn’t mean if you’re training extremely hard, maybe you’re running that marathon, that you might not need some more other carbs in your system before that run.

You can do that research, and again, I might do a whole podcast just on macros, but understand the good carbs and what’s going to give you good fuel sources, not just spike your glucose levels, and then you’re going to be crashing a few minutes later, and then going and reaching for another donut or going and reaching for something else.

But your carbs is your fuel source, and understand how to choose the right carbs.

The next part of the macros is your fats.

Fats helps with your hormones, it helps curb your hunger, helps with mood and body composition, and libido, those men listening here, they like to hear that word, libido.

But this is very important for you to have the good fats in your body on a daily basis.

So what I personally do is I track this every day.

It’s not a secret.

I use the CoreBVAP.

It’s not a secret if you’re trending in the right direction or in the wrong direction.

It’s based on what you’re consuming daily.

So I have a plan of exactly how much protein I need to take daily, exactly how much carbs.

I identify the good carbs.

I identify the good proteins, which the good proteins to me is the grass-fed whey, or excuse me, grass-fed beef.

I use grass-fed whey, of course, our CoreBV protein shake.

I also love salmon.

I also love venison, elk meat.

But also you choose the right ones that are not bad foods.

What I mean by that is don’t go get the cheapest piece of fish that you can find at the grocery store.

Find the best foods that you can find with the right proteins.

But understand how much protein and carbs and fats you need daily, and track it every day.

The people come to me and say, well, I eat kind of clean, and I’m like, well, how much protein are you eating?

I don’t know.

Well, how much carbs are you eating, and what sources are you getting your carbs from?

I don’t know.

Well, how about your fats?

How much fats are you?

I don’t know.

Guys, if they don’t know to a T, they’re not tracking it, and they’re not moving in the right direction.

But understand your macros and what you need to do on a daily basis in order to see good results.

Next is Recover, which is basically sleep, hydrating, and stretching, and having a conscious mind of what’s going on in your body.

Now, one thing I’ll say, though, too, is like, I almost didn’t put recovery in this podcast as the Four Corners for the simple reason of not the importance.

The importance is there.

But a lot of us, when we hear, oh, I need to have a recovery day, then they didn’t train hard enough to have a recovery day.

Or you know what?

I’m gonna need another recovery day.

So let me tell you, I train no less than an hour and a half, six days a week.

I take a one-day recovery.

I do the dry sauna.

I have the infrared sauna.

I do the cold plunge, which I do the cold plunge every day.

And I overfeed on my body as far as the good nutrients that I need as my way of not…

I didn’t say a cheat day.

I’m talking about I overfeed myself the good nutrients that I need in order to prepare myself for the next week.

So that’s what I’m doing, is pushing myself during the week.

I’m using Sunday as a way for me to make sure that I’m fully hydrated, I use the core beef hydrate every day, but I also adhere my workouts, and I can go into the reasons for that.

But I also over hydrate as much as I can on Sunday, and I make sure that I got plenty of good rest.

You know, I was talking to a young man a couple of days ago, and he wanted to build muscle.

He’s like, man, I want to put on muscle.

And come to figure out when I’m working with him on his macros, I’m working out, working with him on his workout plan, putting the good action together.

And then I asked him how much he sleeps.

He sleeps about five hours a night.

And he’s about 17 years old.

And I told him, I’m like, look, I can create you a workout plan.

I can help you with your macros.

But if you’re not sleeping at least eight hours a day at your age right now, that’s when the most important time for your muscles to be able to grow, for your hormones and all those things to be able to reset, you have to have good quality sleep.

So recovery is all about sleep, hydrating, stretching, all those different things to keep a record of what’s going on in your body.

So we’re trying to prepare, repair ourself as much as we can because we got a game day coming Monday morning.

That’s the way I approach my weeks.

It’s mindset, train, nutrition, and recover.

That’s the four pieces.

Now, the reason that you have to put those four pieces in place, as I was mentioning, I used to love doing puzzles when I was young.

And I would do them with my grandma.

And I would always get excited because I’d find these two or three pieces that were stuck together in this puzzle.

And they happened to go to the middle of that puzzle.

And I would spend time trying to find another one that went to that.

And then I would try to find another one that went to that.

And she would always say, Jeremy, Jeremy, listen.

We’re not going to accomplish this puzzle unless we start with the four corners.

And then I would listen to her and I’d get the four corners.

See, a lot of you listening today, you’re trying to do this with your life.

You’re sitting here and you’re thinking, man, I would really like to look good in my swimming suit this summer.

And you’re looking at all these cool little things in the middle of the, that goes to the middle of the puzzle, and you don’t understand that you’ve got to get your mind, your nutrition, your training session, and your recovery figured out.

So we cannot sit here and mess with these little pieces in the middle.

We got to get these four corners done.

Here’s a little side note.

Everyone dies, not everyone lives.

Get yourself in a position to live life.

This is the reason why I wanted to talk about transforming your mind and body, is I watch so many people, they don’t live the life that they should live.

They can’t focus on being the best husband, the best dad, the best coworker, the best business owner, because they don’t have these four pieces together.

They have no plan of transforming their mind and their body, so therefore, they cannot live life.

Here’s another reason why it’s so important to master transforming your mind and your body.

Adversity is here, or it just left, or it’s on the way.

Be prepared.

See, at 48 years old, I’ve learned, you may be a business owner, you may be a mom, dad, whatever that situation may be, and you could probably give me a call today and tell me about all of your problems and things that’s come in your life.

And I would tell you this, I hate to hear that, but here’s the key.

Adversity is either here now, or it’s on the way.

And we gotta get prepared.

So the stronger you are mentally and physically is how we attack adversity.

You have to get prepared for adversity, and you have to accomplish these four corners in order to defeat any adversity that comes to you.

Last thing I want to leave with you on this podcast, it’s not an external game, it’s internal.

Stop trying to fix what you can’t control and start fixing you.

I’ll read that one more time.

It’s not an external game, it’s internal.

Stop trying to fix what you can’t control and start with fixing you.

That’s the reason I love this topic is you’re not going to be able to accomplish what you want to accomplish in your life unless you transform the mind and the body.

People will call and they’ll say, man, my boss didn’t give me the raise and I got done wrong.

You know what?

This happened and I got done wrong.

Or whatever the situation may be.

And I say to them, man, it’s not about your Lexus that you drive.

It’s not about how pretty the clothes that you have.

This is an internal game.

And we need to start by fixing you.

You need to be the best that you can be in life.

And I promise you, you’re going to attract other good things in your life.

So today, stop what you’re doing.

At least for 30 minutes.

And let’s get a plan.

And let’s figure out what we need to do to conquer the mind.

Get us a training session planned.

Might be a half marathon.

Might be a full marathon.

You might want to strength train like what I do.

You know, figure out that plan.

Let’s figure out our macros.

What our nutrition plan is.

Let’s start tracking it daily.

And then let’s make sure we recover correctly.

Getting the right amount of sleep.

Hydrating correctly.

Doing all the things we need to do to take care of the body.

Then let’s go push ourselves as hard as we can for another six days a week.

And then let’s go do it again.

That way in a year from now, we’re the person that we want to become.

Thank you guys for joining me on The Hard Truth Podcast.

If you like what you hear, please share with your friends and family.

I’m going to be doing so many different episodes and breaking these four corners down to detail and giving you a lot of science and facts about these four corners.

But today I want to give you a little bit of a snapshot of the important parts of transforming your mind and your body.

Follow me on social media, jeremyfouts.com.

Also, looking forward for you being a part of the next Hard Truth Podcast.